Reservoir ramble is the perfect weekend walk

Saturday, 3rd September 2016, 6:00 am
A map of the route. Walk courtesy of The Walking Englishman

The paths are well maintained on all of the 3.7 mile walk.

Additionally the views of the reservoir and the immediate countryside are virtually unobstructed.

On a good day the views are spectacular

A sunny day is best to appreciate the rich and varied colours that are going to attract your eyes during this excellent level ground waterside walk.

Before you start, prepare yourself to enjoy peace and tranquility, rich flora, a selection of wildfowl and splendid waterscapes.

Just make sure you take care to avoid the lines of the anglers as they exercise their casting skills.

Fewston Reservoir has a well laid path around the entire perimeter of the waterside and much of it is pretty close to the edge.

There are sections to enjoy away from the water where song birds thrive like the woody section around Beecroft Moor Plantation on the reservoir’s south west spur.

There is a hollow on the spur where you are likely to hear and probably see a chaffinch or willow warbler. This area is also rich in butterflies.

Apart from the wildlife, Fewston Reservoir is famed for its large variety of species of wild flowers. It is a botanist’s dream with spring and early summer the best times to enjoy the flowers on offer.

The wetter ground includes cuckoo flower, common valerian, common spotted orchid and meadow sweet while drier areas support milkwork, common vetch, betony, golden rod, common cow-wheat and many many more.

Just bring a British wild flowers book and you can spend all day around Fewston Reservoir flower spotting.

Don’t do it though, despite the temptation. Some time must be spent looking over the reservoir to the superb views.

This is a perfect weekend walk for the family.