Theatre is putting Harrogate on national map

Northern Broadsides present their latest social comedy The Grand Gesture at Harrogate Theatre.
Northern Broadsides present their latest social comedy The Grand Gesture at Harrogate Theatre.

The nation’s press is expected to turn up for Harrogate Theatre’s latest collaboraton with award-winning Northern Broadsides.

It’s a sign of the theatre’s growing stature outside Yorkshire that Northern Broadsides’ associate director Conrad Nelson and playwright Deborah McAndrew are once again working in Harrogate.

The new production, The Grand Gesture, follows the critical success of last year’s joint show, A Government Inspector which won rave reviews nationally.

Created in partnership with Harrogate Theatre, The Grand Gesture is an inventive and witty interpretation of Nikolai Erdman’s dark comic classic The Suicide.

The sharp new adaptation updates the classic satire from 1920s Russia to 21st century Britain.

Created in partnership with Harrogate Theatre, the production premieres at Harrogate Theatre from September 6-21 before embarking on a national tour until November 30. Set within the North’s Anglo-Irish community, The Grand Gesture is told with a beguiling musical blend of Irish folk and heavenly choir.

Simeon Duff is unemployed, broke and desperate. After a failed last-ditch attempt to solve his problems by learning to play the tuba, he finally realizes there’s only one way out… suicide.

Word gets around and soon the whole community wants to be in on his act.

The death of Duff might not be in vain, but transformed into a grand gesture on behalf of some noble cause. Will it be for love, politics, religion – or the rising price of fish?

The show is just one highlight in Harrogate Theatre’s forthcoming autumn season which contains a broad mix of music, comedy, drama, the All Points North Festival and the odd world premiere or two.

One of the latter is provided by Rich Seam Theatre, who last visited Harrogate with sell-out show Beef. This time round they are presenting a hilarious new comedy from Nick Lane, showing how our attitudes to toilets, and the royal flush, have changed.

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