Take Me Out star Paddy McGuiness brings stand-up to Harrogate

Paddy McGuinness will tour with Daddy McGuinness and visit Harrogate Royal Hall on 30th September
Paddy McGuinness will tour with Daddy McGuinness and visit Harrogate Royal Hall on 30th September

Phoenix Nights and Take Me Out star Paddy McGuiness will be bringing his new major stand-up tour to Harrogate on Wednesday, September 30.

The Bolton-born television star will perform his new Daddy McGuiness tour at Harrogate Royal Hall as part of his long-awaited 50 date tour - his first since 2011.

Paddy welcomed twins Leo and Penelope with his wife Christine Martine in 2013 said he will be sharing stories about becoming a first time dad and parenthood in his new routine.

Tickets for the show went on sale on Friday, January 30 and Paddy said he is ‘really looking forward’ to going back on tour.

He said: “I think it’s important that when you go on tour you have something to talk about and, since my last tour, I have been doing my television work and everything else which has been great.

“But, since I’ve had my children, there are so many things that are happening to me that I just have to talk about.

“When you have children you will go through a whole range of emotions and so many new things will happen to you and you tell people about them and they say ‘yeah, so what?’.

“You then ask ‘wait, is this normal?’ I have been jotting them all down so that is the sense of tour and you will either come out of it saying that you really want to have children or that you’re going to get a vasectomy.”

Since his last stand up tour in 2011, the Paddy McGuiness: Saturday Night Live Tour, the 41-year-old has been involved in a number of television presenter roles including Paddy’s TV Guide, Mad Mad World and the ever popular dating series Take Me Out which began in 2010.

The star is currently involved in the live stage version of the popular comedy show Phoenix Nights for Comic Relief, reprieving his old character of Paddy O’Shea.

Despite appearing in television series and stand up tours since 1988, Paddy explained that he still feels the same nervous knots in his stomach before performances.

He said: “You never lose that feeling from doing a tour that, right before you go on, your stomach is always in knots.

“No matter who you are or where you are touring, before you walk on stage you have that little feeling in your stomach and you know you will always have it. I have it even before filming Take Me Out.”

Tickets to Paddy’s tour start at £17.50 and are available from gigsandtours.com or 0844 811 0051.