Flirty, manic and very, very funny

Shappi Khorsandi and Jon Richardson
Shappi Khorsandi and Jon Richardson

A DOUBLE act of Shappi Khorsandi and Jon Richardson kicked the third night of the Harrogate Comedy Festival into a new gear.

The pair performed either side of intermission to a packed and very responsive crowd on the second night of Harrogate Theatre’s annual comedy showcase.

Opening up the evening Shappi introduced herself to the crowd managing to put her foot well and truly in her mouth by mistaking a woman and her father for a couple.

It soon became clear that her embarrassed reaction and the slightly nervous self-deprecating edge she brought to the stage were all part of a very well delivered act.

Shappi has a flirty and playful edge that makes some of her more personal confessions all the more poignant and the punchlines she hits as a result of those confessions all the more impactful.

Very definitely holding the audience in the palm of her hand it was with some regret that we watched her depart the stage at the end of the first half.

We needn’t have worried.

Jon Richardson’s second half was magnificent and the jewel in the crown of the festival so far in my humble opinion.

From the second he walked on the stage, he had us enthralled, his strangely obsessive and slightly manic character, his fractured train of thought comedy often belly-achingly funny.

Veering manically around topics including the glory of Morrisons, paying for car parking, sharing a house, being single and deciding he wants children, Jon’s themes reflect those of many comedians, but it is in his delivery that he shines.

He tells us at one point that he stopped recording his shows and listening back to them because he couldn’t stand his own voice.

He’s the only one.

The audience were captivated and hanging on his every word throughout.

Never, ever, miss a chance to see this man perform again, you will not regret it for a second.

Robin Scott