Restaurant review: Le D2

Inside Le D2 restaurant.
Inside Le D2 restaurant.

Review by Tom Hay

Well, I’m an idiot. I’ve walked past Le D2 hundreds of times and always assumed the conservatory-style bit that sticks out into Harrogate’s Bower Road was the whole restaurant. As a result, I always figured it looked a bit like a tea room.

Nope. Had I taken the time to press my face against the window, ignore the concerned glances of disturbed diners and have a good old nosey at what lies beyond that front section, I’d have spotted a bar and a back room with space for 20.

And if I’d ever actually opened the front door, I’d have discovered an easy-going, lovable and classy little restaurant inside.

Considering the place has been open for 10 years, it’s a hell of an oversight. But clearly its presence has not been lost on anyone else, because it was pretty buzzing at 7.30pm on a chilly Friday night.

Thick winter coats lined the wall to the right as we walked in, and a wide chalkboard hung opposite promising specials: garlic mushrooms, scallops, the fish of the day.

The place doesn’t have width on its side, but, segmented into atrium, bar and back section, it does have length.

The parallel lines of the exposed floorboards add to the effect, and match the interes