Panto group ride on to success in 38th charity production

What a fantastic night of fun filled entertainment was had at Ripon's Outwood Academy last Saturday evening when Ripon's Charity Pantomime group performed its 38th production - Little Red Riding Hood.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 1:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 1:46 pm
NARG 1710105AM1 Ripon Charity Pantomime. The cast of Ripon Charity Group production of Babes in the Wood. (1710105AM1)

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but the producer Ryan Stocks did a great job of writing an original script and introducing new characters such as the fed up bear from Goldilocks called Ted (Jake England , the three little pigs played by Lucas Crichton, Olivia Horner and Michael Pearce who couldn’t agree on building materials, Holly the horse (front, Abbey Williamson) and (back, Lucy Horner) who makes a very good Neigh-bour, the very saucy Dame Fran-Tic (played by new comer Chris Scott).

Fran is the village cook and grandmother to the bubbley Red Riding Hood (Emma Money) who sees the good in everyone and the dim witted Little Boy Blue (Anthony Smith) who is always in trouble with granny (there is a great kitchen scene where both Fran and Blue end up with cream pie in the face).

Then there is Woody the lumberjack (Jeff Dickson) and a reluctant love interest for granny. We also have Rick the circus master (Jess Plunkett) who has an entourage of circus performers and who is Red’s love interest and with his trusted whip will ward off any baddie.

NARG 1710105AM3 Ripon Charity Pantomime. Dame Fran Tick (Chris Scott) is arrested. (1710105AM3)

Speaking of baddies we have the hissing Anna Conda (Alison Fawcett) who needs the heart of Red Riding Hood to become more powerful and then there’s the Big Bad Wolf called Steve (Mike Hall) who isn’t a baddie at all but a vegetarian, who fooled the real baddie Anna Conda by dressing up as granny and pretending to eat Red.

Then we have the double act that came in the guise of incompetent law enforcement officers Bill (Joanne Johnson) and sidekick Ben (Catherine Colman) who try to keep order with their water pistols by chasing baddie Anna Conda and firing at will and getting unsuspecting bystanders wet (audience) on the way but coming to the rescue in the end by making a great entrance, sporting their own flashing lights and sound effects and charging in on their Police Trike.

But its granny who saves the day by breaking one of her pies over Anna’s head, rendering her unconscious.

The Chorus and Dancers all worked really well together and it showed that they were really enjoying themselves by the big smiles on their faces.

NARG 1710105AM2 Ripon Charity Pantomime.Red Riding Hood Emma Money. (1710105AM2)

The outstanding pantomime group received three encores.

To join the group, go to Ripon Amateur Operatic Hall Allhallowgate, on Wednesday March 22 at 7.30pm.

Here’s the review for the Ripon Charity Panto for Ripon p6-7. There’s space on there for five pics. Adrian took four at the dress rehearsal which are in the Ripon grid (can you use the cast pic as the main image), and Jane the press officer for the panto group says she’s sending one over this evening, which we’ll drop in the bottom left pic box on p6.

Can you make this one our 8pm Facebook post tomorrow evening.

NARG 1710105AM3 Ripon Charity Pantomime. Dame Fran Tick (Chris Scott) is arrested. (1710105AM3)


NARG 1710105AM2 Ripon Charity Pantomime.Red Riding Hood Emma Money. (1710105AM2)