Trix nightclub saved at eleventh hour

Ripon’s only nightclub will remain open until the end of year at least following fresh negotiations with the landlord and public support.

Monday, 23rd March 2015, 8:22 am
Owner Chris IAnson outside the nightclub on Kirkgate in late 2012. (Picture  Adrian Murray)

Trix (aka The Matrix) on Kirkgate was due to close on Saturday, March 21, after struggling from financial pressures and a fall in customers over the last three years.

However, the club posted on its Twitter account @matrixripon on March 11 that it would be staying open but added “for how long we do not know”.

Chris I’Anson, owner of the club, told the Gazette the landlord asked it to stay open because there were no plans to develop the property but he added that there was no guarantee the club would stay open past the end of the year.

He said: “It is going to stay open for this year but after that we will have to see – if the trade picks up then we can stay open. The club doesn’t generate money anymore.

“I was pleased for the young people of Ripon (that the club will remain open) because the vast majority enjoy it, they are no trouble and they are great.

“I have been here for 11 years. Trix has a big impact on people in Ripon because without a nightclub they are going to have to go elsewhere.

“Ripon will be a place full of older people but you can’t lose the youth out of your city because it will lose its 

When it was announced Trix was due to close its doors on Saturday, an online petition was started by a Northumbira University student to keep it operating .

In his petition, Elliot Leach, 19, said that there were “a thousand and one reasons” that Trix ought not to close down before urging Ripon as a city to “pull together to stop this travesty going 

Reaction to the petition and the announcement that the club will remain open has been overwhelmingly positive on social media with many customers leaving messages of support on the club’s Twitter page, and Elliot believes it is an “important part of the city’s community”.

He said: “I think a lot of people are excited about it staying open because they have been sharing the news on Facebook and there have been a lot of positive comments.

“It’s the only place in Ripon that young people have to go to so it would be a shame if it closed.

“That’s why I started the petition to try and make a difference.

“The reaction to the petition has been amazing, it had 200 signatures in under an hour and I was not expecting that.

“I think people have been sharing it on social media and it just took off from there.

“It was always pretty full when I went so it’s a really big shame if it’s struggling to attract people.”