Youthful freshness to Sunday Series

The Pav�o String Quartet.
The Pav�o String Quartet.

THE all-female Pavao string quartet trained and got together at the Royal Academy of Music. They are led by Kerenza Peacock from Suffolk, who introduced the items.

The young women (Kerenza, Jenny Sacha, Natalia Gomes and Bryony James) are highly talented performers, attractive to look at and have a youthful freshness and charm much in evidence in this appearance at the Old Swan Hotel as part of the very pleasant International Sunday series.

The programme consisted of Haydn’s: Quartet No.66 in G major, Op. 77, No.1. Britten’s: ‘Simple Symphony’ Op. 4, and Mendelssohn’s: String Quartet No. 6 in F minor Op.80.

The Haydn was given a good performance, a little rough in tone at times, but with plenty of brio in the quicker movements.

The Britten was put together by Britten from pieces he had written in childhood and the movements have witty titles: Boisterous Bourrée, Playful Pizzicato, Sentimental Sarabande, and Frolicsome Finale.

It is an especially delightful, lightly constructed work of varying temperaments that served as an ideal vehicle for the quartet’s exuberance and committed approach.

The Mendelssohn that concluded the concert was composed in 1847 and is essentially his last major composition.

At times the music lacked the intensity and contrast it demanded but this may well be remedied with experience and time.

Graham Robertson