Suggs, Noddy, Strictly and a Slade reunion

Noddy Holder and Mark Radcliffe.
Noddy Holder and Mark Radcliffe.

By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

Music fans had the rare experience of seeing one modern pop legend heckled in a friendly fashion by another modern pop legend at Harrogate Theatre this week.

Suggs''Emailed from:

Suggs''Emailed from:

Madness lead singer and TV and radio personality Suggs turned up unannounced to watch Noddy Holder in Conversation with Mark Radcliffe.

Having chatted to fans at the bar beforehand, the man, whose band famously played on top of Buckingham Palace as part of The Queen’s Jubilee last year, then joined the crowd in the stalls to enjoy the show.

It seems he had a rest day from his own tour that day before performing the following night himself in his oswn oldout show called My Life Story.

Suggs, 52, was clearly a Slade fan and intervened with several questions.

One touching one concerned Slade’s drummer Don Powell who was nearly killed in a car crash in 1973 but amazingly recovered to play on all of the bands’ greatest hits.

Slade frontman Noddy Holder and interviewer Mark Radcliffe of BBC6Music fame handled it all in good humour and it certainly entertained the packed crowd at Harrogate Theatre on the final night of Noddy’s first-ever talking tour.

Another interesting thing did emerge on a great evening - Noddy gave very heavy hints that he might be appearing in the next series of BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing.

One thing he didn’t go into any depth on, was the chances of a Slade reunion, which would be their first full coming together since he left the band in 1991.

He did mention that the man behind the recent documentary movie about Status Quo was considering doing one on Slade, which would certainly increase the chances of a reunion.

But Noddy didn’t tell the Harrogate Theatre crowd what he told me about reforming Slade when I interviewed him in the build-up to the show, which was as follows:

“I doubt it will happen. We’re different people now. We rarely see each other. Dave lives in Staffordshire. We’ve gone on different tracks.

“I have broached the idea of a reunion. I had a meeting with the band but we weren’t in agreement about what we would do.

“We couldn’t just do it as a one-off show. It would end up as a two or three-year project. It would also take a lot of money to make it happen if it was taking so much of our time.

“I thought long and hard before I left the band in the 1990s. I’d been on then treadmill of album tour, album tour for so long. I’d been in the same line-up for 25 years..

“There was a big wide world out there I wanted to experience. It wasn’t personal, it was a career decision.

“I didn’t drop the idea on them from a great height but the split wasn’t totally amicable. They weren’t potty about the idea.

“But I think they understand it more now.”

In my mind, though unlikely, Noddy’s comments leave the door wide opan for a Slade reunion, especially if the film possibility works out.