Rita Ora - diva whose star is rising

Rita Ora on stage at Leeds 02 Academy. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)
Rita Ora on stage at Leeds 02 Academy. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)
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Rita Ora, The 02 Academy, Leeds

Review by Stuart Rhodes

There is a new diva in town and she is called Rita Ora.

At only 23-years-old Rita, born in Kosovo, moved to the UK when she was only one year old, has had two hit albums and numerous number one singles including the excellent songs Hot Right Now and R.I.P. and 2.8 million followers on twitter, double that of the Pope.

In between appearing as a guest judge on the X Factor and completing a new album Rita has Completed a sellout tour.

Adding an extra final date at Leeds O2 Academy before heading off to Australia to continue her Radioactive tour.

Rita appeared on stage in a huge meringue style dress trapped inside a polythene box, being scanned for radioactivity, cue screaming fans.

With the first number over its the flick of a button or two and the meringue dress drops away to reveal a very appealing, snug fitting, rather revealing, silver trouser suit.

Rita’s stage costume evokes memories of 70’s disco diva Donna Summer, especially when added to the dance routines and Rita’s own stage presence.

With her two hit albums and a world tour underway Rita has played with Coldplay, recorded with Snoop Dogg and had an incredible 27 top ten singles worldwide.

It’s clear this world class artist’s star is in the ascendancy.