Record Store Day - 7in vinyl to the fore!

Peter Robinson outside P&C shop.
Peter Robinson outside P&C shop.

By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

Record Store Day is here on Saturday, April 19 and it’s flying the flag for the glory of vinyl above all else.

As much as I love HMV, this annual event is really about independent stores.

Fortunately, Harrogate has one. It was formerly known as Pomp & Circumstance and offered classical music with a splash of blues and jazz.

Now this small shop on Commercial Street is called P&C and it now specialises in being a music shop for everyone - especially lovers of vinyl.

Peter Robinson of P&C describes Record Store Day as “the most exciting day of the year.”

As an official Record Store Day vendor, P&C Music will be supporting the event, he adds.

Peter said: “Launched originally in the USA in 2007, Record Store Day celebrates independent, local record shops, the diversity of their character and the unique contribution they make to the cultural life of towns and cities.

“They are run by music enthusiasts who are collectors themselves and just as excited about what they sell as their customers (which other shopkeepers can you say that about?

“More than 200 record shops are participating in the seventh Record Store Day in the UK and Ireland.

“Vinyl records have always been a joy to own, with often stunning cover art and absorbing liner notes and lyrics you can read whilst listening.

But the world of vinyl records has become even more exciting because of Record Store Day. RSD 2014 exclusives include records in every imaginable colour - opaque, transparent, psychedelic splatter or multicoloured streaks (but the good old-fashioned black vinyl is still there too!).

“Because some RSD 2014 releases are limited to as few as 250 copies worldwide, they are instant collectors’ items.

“For the seasoned record collector there are also specially packaged vinyl re-issues and picture discs of classic albums, EPs and singles by David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Oasis, Pet Shop Boys and others.”

l Visit for a list of all the exclusive releases for RSD 2014.