Marmozets keep it in the family!


Interview by Graham Chalmers

Times are good for the West Yorkshire alt-rock band with the odd name - Marmozets.

With more than half a million views for recent single Why Do You Hate Me and the band about to headline Leeds Beckett University today, Friday, February 27 as part of a headlining UK tour this Bingley-based five-piece have the world at their feet.

Guitarist Jack Bottomley said: “It was good to be back home and catch up with friends after our American tour but it’s great to get back on tour now.

“We had some horrifically long drives in the States but we’ve got our own tour bus on this tour and our own beds.”

Playing in front of 500 or more people in what is nearly a hometown gig for the band is a big deal.

Unusually, every member of Marmozets belong to just two families - the Bottomleys and the McIntyres.

Just checking the line-up is an unusual experience: Becca Macintyre (vocals), Sam Macintyre (guitar/vocals), Jack Bottomley (guitar), Will Bottomley (bass/vocals) and Josh Macintyre (drums)

Jack said: “I’m pretty lucky. Will is literally my best mate. The band has been together since we were all 14. We always stick together. It’s all we know.”

It must make touring together easier?

Jack said: “We did a month in America. Some of the drives were ten hours at a time . You can see why bands fall out

“We all get on really well but everyone has bad moments. You learn to distance yourself from each other.

“It was still fun. It was our first proper tour of America. We actually got to see some of the place.

“We’d done the Warp your before and that was like a circus. We were playing a festival every day.”

Darlings of Kerrang! Magazine and the Slamdunk festival, they were keen to show they’d left hardcore behind on their debut album released last year on Roadrunner Records.

Jack said: “We do go nuts on stage and we are heavier live but we don’t just want to be seen as a metal band. We’re happy to be between places.

“We want the freedom to do what we like musically, whether that’s a ballad or whatever.

“In the early days we loved bands like Slipknot and Dillinger Escape Plan but we all listen to different things now. I think it shows in our music.

“I go through different phases, playing certain music non-stop. Recently, I’ve been listening religiously to Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White.”

This new-found diversity is reflected in the album’s title - The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets.

Having supported Royal Blood at the Brighton Dome recently, the band’s success is built on a genuine closeness since forming in schooldays.

Jack said: “We’ve been so excited about the tour. We still love it every time we get on stage. Playing live is our favourite bit.”

As for where their name came from, well, it’s not the world’s most exciting story but I’ll tell it anyway.

Jack said: “It’s a random word. It’s the name of a type of monkey mixed with a spelling mistake.

“We had to come up with a name for the band at the start and we just liked the look of it. It was eye-catching.”

Marmozets play Leeds Beckett University on Friday, February 27.