Indie’s future on show in the kingdom of the Dukes

The Dukes of Bevington. (PIcture by Stuart Rhodes)
The Dukes of Bevington. (PIcture by Stuart Rhodes)

Dukes of Bevington, Toddy Larkin, The Tickets, Crown Hotel, Harrogate.

IT’S a big night for The Dukes of Bevington.

This talented young Harrogate band the Dukes have secured a strong following since their success at the AMP awards, and a sizeable multitude have gathered to see them launch their debut EP Deux at The Crown Hotel.

The opening band are also three young local guys. The Tickets show plenty of raw talent on show and have the confidence already to carry a short but competent set.

The main support slot is provided by singer songwriter Toddy Larkin. With excellent tunes and a polished mature performance, Larkin is surely a name to watch.

Finally, the stars of the night. The Dukes of Bevington stride onto the stage these guys know how to put on a show.

Well rehearsed and slick, to the point of introducing crowd participation, no matter that it came across as a bit cheesy.

Solid drumming by James Locke worked well with bassist and lead vocal Scott Quinn. However, top marks go to Christian Davies on guitar who shows not only superb technical skill but also plays like he means every note.

To enhance the night the Dukes bring on three backing singers, adding depth to the overall sound.

A couple more years on the road perfecting their craft, and the maturity that will bring to their song writing, and the Dukes should be around for a long time.

Stuart Rhodes