Harrogate preview: Midge Ure on booze, business and Ultravox

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By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

Live Aid hero and multi-band hitmaker Midge Ure brings his initmate solo tour to Harrogate Theatre next Wednesday, May 29.

This Thursday’s Harrogate Advertiser has an interview with the affable former Ultravox frontman in the build-up to the show.

As a taster, here’s a few quotes from this likable and interesting musician which won’t appear in the article.

On his battle with alcoholism:

“I don’t drink at all now. I’ve done the bottle of Jack Daniels thing. The record industry nurtures that sort of behaviour.

“I’ve been fortunate that I had people around me who helped me sort myself out.”

On the trials and tribulations of the music business:

“I remember someone in the business telling how he’d taken an orange, cut it in half and squeezed it out before giving the musician the empty shell and telling him ‘that is your career now’.

On the Ultravox reunion tour later this year:

“We reformed four years ago and it seems to be working. Years ago we used to try and play our electronic music with analogue equipment. Our soundchecks used to take five hours. They were about three times longer than our concerts!”

“It’s better nowadays. It’s not all grey hairs at the shows, we get quite a lot of young people at our concerts.

“I think they’re fed up with that karaoke X Factor culture. A lot of youngsters these days like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. They find out these things for themselves online.”