Gig Scene - great venue for Ripon with DMB gigs

pic by S Rhodes
pic by S Rhodes

Ripon has boasted a wealth of impressive young bands beyond its size for a good few years now, as testified by their success each year in the AMP Awards in Harrogate, writes Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers. What it has always lacked is a good promoter to put on great out of town acts, well it did until DMB promotions company appeared, then disappeared!

But now its back in a new venue, Mad Hatters, with an even better line-up than before.

Described by The Conspirators, the Bedale-based band who’ve achieved great success, as “a fabby doo, atmospheric little venue” after they debuted there last weekend, DMB main man David Moss-Blundell has even better words for the place. “It’s a venue specifically designed with live music in mind, a really cool little place with some fantastic pop memorabilia in one of its two bars.”

The first DMB gig there takes place on Saturday, September 25 when Radio One favourite Mickey P Kerr returns in his shades and fuzzy hair to present a unique mix of folk, pop and humour which has earned him appearances at major festivals across the UK. Next up for DMB after that will be Euros Childs with full band who will appear on Friday, December 7.

Childs was formerly lead singer with one of the 1990s most under-rated cult bands, the wonderful Welsh psych-folk band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. One of the gigs of the year, surely.