Experience sounds of Almscliffe

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A well-known landmark to walkers in the Harrogate area has become the subject of a mobile phone app.

The app revisits Almias a collaboration in text, sound and photography by Leeds-based artists Phil Legard, Layla Smith and Simon Bradley, which explored the history, folklore and imagery of Almscliffe Crag as part of the Harrogate International Festival Fringe in 2010.

Phil said: “Almscliffe Crag has a rich history with evidence of prehistoric habitation. It once marked the boundary between two of the most powerful houses in Yorkshire and is rich with tales of ‘little folk’ and changelings. The release of the Almias app will enable users to listen to the music and voices of Almscliffe as they explore the area.

“One of the intentions of the original 2010 project was to have the music installed at the crag using hidden speakers. The app helps make this a reality but in a different way.”

To download the application for Android phones, visit www.almias.org.uk or

the Google Play store.