Album review: PseudoNympho take on the world - and win!


Album review by Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

PseudoNympho: Eponym (album)

If the members of Queen had all been born 20 years later, they would probably have sounded like PseudoNympho.

Too melodic to be radically alternative, too ambitious to be merely commercial, this lively five/six-piece from Leeds throw in everything but the kitchen sink on their pulsating debut album.

By any rights, Eponym should be a total ranting dirty horrible mess but, somehow, it all hangs together, thanks partly to the participation of producer Dan Mizen and mixer Ben McClusky who cannily adds some atmospheric ‘linking’ snippets between different tracks.

From start to finish PseudoNympho’s worldly and, at times, fiercely political vision is matched by an equally worldly range of musical styles, impressively played.

Regulars on the Harrogate live circuit, on ‘disc’ mmsrs Wolfgang Bailey (lead vocals), Ben Marsden (lead guitar), Rio Goldhammer (bass) and co sound as if Faith No More, Tool and Slipknot had decided to form a supergroup to do a modern prog album.

Being none of the above, however, PseudoNympho always exhibit a 70s feel for good, oldfashioned crowdpleasing and decent tunes.

If a few more of their songs were as good as the brilliant Matryoshka, my favourite track on the whole album, Eponym might have been a genuine classic as opposed to merely pretty impressive.