Harrogate art exhibition raises awareness of autism

There is still time to see the exhibition.
There is still time to see the exhibition.

A Harrogate artist has opened a special exhibition to raise awareness of autism.

Kevin George, 51, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and adult ADHD at the age of 40, is presenting his work spanning over 30 years in a pop-up art gallery at 9 Cambridge Road.

One of Kevin’s aims for the “Too much information” exhibition is to capture some of the difficulties and challenges autistic people face.

Kevin said: “Since being diagnosed and really learning and understanding autism, I have always wanted to help raise awareness.

"I am not only willing to put myself out there, but also relinquish ownership my own personal collection of work, in order to show just how committed I am.

"People and especially children with autism, have an abundance of knowledge and a unique take on the world which is not always easily or expressed or understood. Art by people with autism allows others to see this other perspective, and art for anyone helps the viewer appreciate the different abilities, strengths and weaknesses in us all, hopefully bringing us all closer.

"It's definitely put me into the firing line of personal contact and communication with strangers, but it's also been totally worth it all."

There is still time to see the exhibition, it runs until Friday, April 21.