On the Ripon bike trail

A colourful creation in the Spa Gardens. (S)
A colourful creation in the Spa Gardens. (S)

Bicycles of all shapes and sizes are springing up around Ripon in celebration of the Grand Départ – big ones, small ones, yellow ones and woolly ones.

As part of the Le Tour de Ripon Festival 2014, city ambassador Tony Hirst and City Development Manager Alan Weston of Discover Ripon have enlisted the help of Jane Harvey at Yorkshire Trails to create The Ripon Bike Trail.

Visitors and locals are encouraged to explore Ripon and spot as many bikes as they can. Whether life-size or small, real bikes or models, you can spot as many or as few as you wish as well as taking photographs and submiting them for inclusion in an online Le Tour Ripon scrapbook.

Jane said: “The aim of this free Ripon Bike Trail is to get people exploring and enjoying different parts of Ripon as they search for the bikes as well as creating a photographic record of the many wonderful creations that are appearing all over Ripon.”

There is also a photo competition with prizes donated by local businesses which will be awarded in the following categories: most bikes spotted; best family snapshot; best artistic photograph; and best caption. The competition will run until the end of August.

To take part, simply explore Ripon and get snapping. Any Le Tour-inspired bicycle will count.

Bikes can be spotted on buildings or in the windows of many local businesses and attractions – some of which the Gazette has pictured here which might help you identify their locations.

To enter the competition, view a map giving hints of where to search, or to find out more about how to get involved, visit www.yorkshiretrails.co.uk/riponbiketrail