No Market Place fairground for Ripon celebrations

Fairground rides are no longer be allowed on Ripon’s market square after a decision by health and safety officials at Harrogate Borough Council.

Traditional fairgrounds on the city centre square have previously been a part of the city’s celebrations for the St Wilfrid’s Procession and the May Day bank holiday.

But this year has seen no rides on the square, amid fears for public safety. A council spokeswoman said after concerns last year including larger rides encroaching on the highway, oil spills and general safety, the council decided not to allow fun fairs to on the market square, but promised to find another site.

She added: “In July it was agreed that a licence could be offered for the next 12 months to hold fun fairs on Victoria Grove car park.

“The operator of the St Wilfrid’s fair decided not to operate the fair this year at the new location.”