Masham film hits online audience

Ian Scott Massie, left, and Ken Snowdon out filming on the Yorkshire Dales. (S)
Ian Scott Massie, left, and Ken Snowdon out filming on the Yorkshire Dales. (S)

Masham Gallery has undertaken an unusual new venture, by filming artists as they work behind the closed doors of their studios.

The gallery – which is located in the town’s historic market – is offering visitors and customers the unique chance to watch the artists it represents at work, and to put a face to the artwork they see in the gallery.

“People often want to meet the person behind the piece of art to understand a bit more about what makes them tick and how they create work, but this is not always possible in a gallery,” Josie Beszant, artist and gallery owner, told the Gazette.

Josie added the new project – which can be viewed on YouTube and the Masham Gallery website – is also helping visitors and customers learn more about how the gallery’s artwork is created and where artists’ inspiration comes from.

“Our collection of films will give viewers an exclusive glimpse of the artist at work, which in turn creates a stronger connection with the artwork they’re looking at,” she said.

As part of the project’s launch, the first of a number of artists to be filmed was Masham-based painter and printmaker, Ian Scott Massie.

The short film, made in collaboration with Ken Snowdon and Proper Telly, follows Ian as he prepares for his forthcoming solo exhibition, ‘Tales from the Dales’, which opens on July 17 at Wensley Church.

Ian’s work is greatly inspired by the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, and the film follows his visits to some of the locations which have influenced his paintings.

A cleverly edited sequence shot in Ian’s studio also allows the viewer to see a new picture being created, from initial sketches to a completed painting.

In recent years the gallery has published a number of books about the artists who exhibit with them, including printmakers Hester Cox and Janis Goodman, and Ian Scott Massie himself.

“The films add another dimension,” Josie said.

l To view Masham Gallery’s film, visit: Ian’s exhibition runs until August 11.