Group formed to protect henges

Thornborough Henges (100419M28a)
Thornborough Henges (100419M28a)

A NEW organisation has been formed with the aim of protecting the prehistoric Thornborough Henges near Ripon.

The Thornborough Heritage Trust claims the neolithic and bronze age monument near Nosterfield – described by English Heritage as “the most important prehistoric site between Stonehenge and the Orkneys” – has been neglected for many decades.

A spokesman said: “Despite being of unique cultural value, it is closed to visitors, lacks educational information, and sits in an extensively quarried landscape.

“That this icon of Yorkshire and England is in such a poor state is a national disgrace.

“The Thornborough Heritage Trust has recently been created to ensure these monuments, and the ‘sacred plateau’ which surround it, have a brighter future.”

Organised by three trustees, the new organisation has two principal aims:

1) to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of the Thornborough Henges and other archaeological and historical sites in North Yorkshire, including their landscape setting, for the benefit of the public;

2) to advance the education of the public and to raise and encourage public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the significance, value and importance of the Thornborough Henges and other archaeological and historical sites.

The trust’s spokesman said: “This charitable trust has its roots in the local community and will be an inclusive organisation free for all to join.

“It is financially dependent on donations and currently looking for private and corporate sponsors.”

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