Ex-Bettys man’s classic family adventure wins acclaim

A FORMER director of Bettys has received glowing reviews for a new mystery adventure inspired by Wilkie Collins’ classic novel The Moonstone.

The Moonstone Legacy has been acclaimed by the Sunday Express and also renowned writer William Dalrymple who described it as “a most ingenious and imaginative sequel to my favourite Victorian novel.”

The new book has been co-authored by established writer Tony Wild, a third generation member of the Swiss/Yorkshire family which also owns Bettys and Taylors, and old family friend Diana de Gunzburg.

This rip-roaring East-West family saga follows up the final line of Collins’ Victorian novel which says “What will be the next adventure of the Moonstone? Who can tell?”

It’s already been the subject of the launch of an Indian edition in Bradford last weekend.

With a plotline which shifts between locations in North Yorkshire and a remote part of Gujarat in India, the plot of The Moonstone Legacy reflects the author’s own backgrounds and interests.

The family saga begins in the present era of the internet and Bollywood with the death of 14-year-old Lizzy Abercrombie’s mother in a tragic accident on a full moon.

The grieving youngster discovers the death may be linked to a family curse and, seeking the truth, makes a quest to the Temple of the Moon in India.

Born in the northwest frontier of Pakistan, Diana De Gunzburg’s mother is a native of Yorkshire. By the age of 17, Diana had already made the 6,000-mile journey overland between the UK and Pakistan three times.

The pair of them are old family friends. Travelling together to Diana’s father on his farm in Pakistan helped fuel Tony’s fascination with the British period in that region.

l The Moonstone Legacy is published by Pushkin Press.