Antiques Roadshow filming set for Ripon World Herigate Site

Fiona Bruce
Fiona Bruce

The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Fountains Abbey, 17 years after experts from the programme first visited the World Heritage Site.

The BBC’s popular antiques programme will be filming at Fountains Abbey on Thursday, Jul y 11.

Members of the public are invited to take their heirlooms and treasures along for experts including Paul Atterbury, Hilary Kay, Geoffrey Munn, and Judith Miller to take a look at.

The doors are open from 9.30 until 4.30 and entry to the event is free.

The Antiques Roadshow last visited Fountains Abbey was in 1995. Producers said there were some exciting finds filmed that day including a late 19th century silver ewer worth £5,000, a bureau bought for £500 and valued at £5,000.

But the most exciting find were paintings – one by George Clarkson Stafford valued at £8,000 to £12,000 and a large picture by John Morgan was valued at an astounding £70,000 to £100,000

The team are looking forward to their visit to Fountains Abbey in the hope that similar treasures will turn up.

The paintings and the bureau would have been transported to the site on the Roadshow’s furniture round. Staff in the production office are compiling a folder containing letters and emails from people in the area with furniture and large items too big to carry to the show. Items in the past have included paintings, large pots, bedsteads and even a military cannon.

The weekend before the show two of the team will arrive in the area and visit as many of the people who have contacted the show as possible. Some of these people will have their items transported to the Roadshow by the team and a few lucky ones may end up being filmed on the day.

Series Editor Simon Shaw says: “As a television producer it’s a scary prospect when we turn up for a day’s filming and no knowledge of what might turn up.

“I often look at the queue first thing and say a quiet prayer that there really are interesting pieces in all those bags. Amazingly we still keep finding fascinating pieces – and some of the best aren’t necessarily the most valuable.”

Queues form early at many of the programmes events – some years ago in Northallerton, a gentleman began a lonely vigil at midnight to ensure that he was first through the doors. On several occasions the Roadshow crew have found visitors sleeping in their cars outside a venue.