Sun shines for Mickley Show

Mickley Show enjoyed a sunny start and a couple of downpours during the day couldn’t dampen spirits at the popular event.

Saturday, 30th August 2014, 9:23 am
Judges Chris and Wendy Orme have a chat with Benjamin Saville, three, who entered the fancy dress competition with his pony Roxy. (1408232AM11)

Show secretary Sally Bailey said after previous years’ weather of heavy rain or gales, it was a suprise to arrive at the show field at Newfield, Mickley, on Saturday and find the event tents still standing.

She added: “Everyone always comments on what a lovely friendly show Mickley is and I think this year really proved that.

“All the amazing judges, stewards and helpers that come year after year do an outstanding job and make all the competitors and spectators feel welcome.”

The dog classes were well-attended and the dog derby proved as chaotic as ever. There was also a parade in the main ring by the West Of Yore foxhounds.

The Mayor of Ripon Coun Mick Stanley was also in attendance, finding time in his busy schedule to join the judges for lunch.

He also presented the Working Hunter Pony trophy to Alexander Abrahams.

The show’s charity for this year was the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Last year the organisers were able to donate £800 to Martin House Hospice at Boston Spa near Wetherby.

Sally said: “Without our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to donate this amount to charity, we would like to thank our sponsors for their support year in year out.”


Tack & Turn Out: 1. Jake King, 2. Ralph Ryder, 3. Emma Mond; Pony Club Type 11 years and over: 1. Eddie Henson, 2. Anna Sutcliffe, 3. Mia Schofield; Pony Club Type 10 years and under: 1. Kate Sanderson, 2. Rose-Zena White, 3. Mia Nichols. Veteran horse/pony: 1. Rose-Zena White, 2. Eddie Henson, 3. Jake King; Lead Rein: 1. Holly Nash; 2. Lexi Miller, 3. Jake King; Show Pony (Off Lead Rein): 1. Pippa Brown; Dog Classes – Veteran: 1. Ronne Alan and Sprout, 2. Carolin Bray and Bounville. 3. Janet and Poppy; Dog Classes – Best Six Legs: 1. George Sanderson and Rollo, 2. Monty Miller and Pushka, 3. Tom Harvey and Baloo; Dog Classes – Scruffiest: 1. Karen Dodds and Bella, 2. Posie Abrahams and Wicket, 3. The Sandersons and Aggie; Mickley Dog Derby: George Sanderson and Rollo; Mounted Fancy Dress (Original): 1. Abraham family and Peter Rabbit; 2. Lucy Waudby as an ‘English Patient’; Mounted Fancy Dress (Comical): 1. Sasha Reedas ‘Nightmare’, 2. Katie Hamilton; Mounted Fancy Dress (Topical): 1. Benjamin Saville as ‘Tour De Yorkshire’, 2. Issie Best, 3. The Moody Family as ‘Five a day’; Mounted Fancy Dress (Judges’ Favourite): Benjamin Saville; Mini Jumping (Lead Rein): 1. Holly Nash on Clifford, 2. Lexi Miller on Spot; Mini Jumping (off lead rein): 1. Kate Sanderson on Azzie, 2. Alice Wilson Caraway Angelica, 3. George Sanderson Caperann Lightning; Muppet Stakes: 1. Alice Wilson on Caraway Angelica, 2. Imogen Cockburn on Jelly Bean, 3. Freddie Pride on Mayfly; Novice Pony: 1. Lucy Ogden on Sparky, 2. Lilly Thorpe on Rosie, 3. Imogen Cockburn on Leily beah; Intermediate Pony: 1. Christie Farron on Marley, 2. Alexander Abrahams on Little Des. 3. Rose Zena-White on Pippa; Intermediate Horse: 1. Steph Ball on Quaver, 2. Reuben Isle on Jayzee; Open Horse and Pony: 1. Lilly Thorpe, 2. Christie Farron on Marley, 3. Jemima Sanderson on Finn; Working Hunter Horse: 1. Lizzie Richmond on Paddys Fort, 2. Sara Musgrave on Ellie May, 3. Reuben Isle, Best West of Yore Horse: Lizzie Richmond; Working Hunter Pony: 1. Alexander Abrahams on Little Des, 2. Barbara Ward on Allandale Misty, 3. Jemima Sanderson on Finn, Best West of Yore Pony: Alexander Abrahams; Lead Rein Mini Working Hunter Pony: 1. Issie Best on Mickey, 2. Sasha Reed on Annie, 3. Francesca Abrahams on William;Mini Working Hunter Pony: 1. Kate Sanderson on Azzie, 2. Connie Pride on Peter Pan, 3. Alice Wilson on Caraway Angelica; Working Hunter Championship: Champion – Lizzie Richmond, Reserve Champion – Sarah Musgrave; Large Mountain and Moorland (ridden): 1. Reuben Isle on Dan, 2. Lauren Marshall on Marty, 3. Megan Jackson on Maesy Mor Mervin; Small Mountain and Moorland (ridden): 1. Phoebe Ward on Wind of Time, 2. Ralph Ryder on My Lady Zara, 3. Georgia Lithgow on Treacle; Mountain and Moorland Open in Hand: 1. Amanda Donkin on Hazel, 2. Lauren Marshall on Marty, 3. Shanagh Kay on Spirit; Mountain and Moorland Championship: Champion – Phoebe Ward on Wind of Time, Reserve Champion – Reuben Isle on Dan. Coloured horse (ridden): 1. Claire Watt on Once in a Blue Moon, 2. Steph Ball on Quaver, 3. Jane Holmes on Indie; Coloured pony (ridden): 1. Sara Musgrave on Pepsi, 2. Jemima Sanderson on Finn; 3. Olivia Josling on Irish; Brimham Riding Club Class: 1. Sarah Pearson on Gold Landis, 2. Barbara Ward on Allandale Misty, 3. Clare Jackson on Major Quaver; Mini Show Hunter Pony: Jake King; Show Hunter Pony: 1. Pippa brown on Eddie Rabbit, 2. Morgan Stokes on Bartie, 3. Emma Mond on Ben; Show Hunter Horse: 1. Fiona Henson on Florence, 2. Marita Murray on Paddys Fort, 3. Sara Musgrave on Ellie May; Show hunter champion: Champion – Fiona Henson and Florence, Reserve Champion – Marita Murray on Paddys Fort.


Bending 7 years & under: 1. Millie Hodgson, 2. Nico Price, 3. Theo Brodie; Bending 8-11 years: 1. Kate Sanderson, 2. Rose Zena-White, 3. Katle Hamilton; Bending 12 years and over: 1. Chloe Robinson, 2. Imogen Cockburn, 3. Morgan Stokes; Potato Race 7 years & under: 1. Millie Hodgson, 2. Nico Price, 3. Lilly Bell; Potato Race 8-11 years: 1. Rose Zena-White, 2. Harriet Hodgson, 3. Alex Dale; Potato Race 12 years and over: 1. Morgan Stokes, 2. Imogen Cockburn, 3. Molly ?;
 Walk, Trot & Lead 7 years & under: 1. Aiden Brodie, 2. Lilly Bell, 3. Millie Hodgson; Walk, Trot & lead 8-11 years: 1. Freddie Pride, 2. Issie Best, 3. Katie Hamilton; Walk, Trot & Lead 12 years & over: 1. Imogen Cockburn, 2. Molly, 3. Chloe Robinson; Sack Race 7 years & under: 1. Millie Hodgson, 2. Lilly Bell, 3. Aiden Brodie; Sack Race 8-11 years: 1. Alex Dale, 2. Katie ?, 3. Kate Sanderson; Sack Race 12 years & over: 1. Imogen Cockburn, 2. Chloe Robinson; Musical Ride 7 years & under: 1. Millie Hodgson, 2. Lilly Bell, 3. Aiden Brodie; Musical Ride 8-11 years: 1. Alex Dale, 2. Kate Sanderson, 3. Harriet Hodgson; Musical Ride 12 years & over: 1. Imogen Cockburn, 2. Chloe Robinson, 3. Alice Baker.