This is how much it will cost to re-do Harrogate art installation's bad spelling

For anyone who wonders how much it will cost Harrogate Borough Council or Harrogate International Festivals to re-do the amazing new art installation in the Valley Gardens,t here is a very clear answer.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 5:16 pm
The striking new art installation which will be unveiled in the Valley Gardens in Harrogate for the UCI Road World Championships.

The issue with the striking mini-tower built of fashionable rusty-looking steel, which has already won national publicity, is that, among its well-woven metal web of words associated with Harrogate's spa water heritage, the word 'sulphur' is spelled 'sulpher'.

But when Harrogate Borough Council was asked by the Harrogate Advertiser whether there would be an additional public cost because of the spelling revision, the answer was straight-forward.A council spokesperson said simply: "No, there won’t be."The reason? The sculpture wasn't actually ready for the official launch so it was all part of the build-up.

The stunning new sculpture from Harrogate artist Eddie Roberts, a contemporary metal sculptural designer, has been produced in conjunction with local steel suppliers and designers.When readied it will be lit up at night-time to spectacular effect.

The installation has already won attention online nationally on the Daily Telegraph website.

It seems the Valley Gardens artwork is only part of much bigger artistic plans by Harrogate International Festivals for the nine days the UCI Road World Championships come to town.

The information on Harrogate International Festivals' website says they are creating a "series of lighting installations that celebrate the heritage and history of the town, working with a number of designers and creators and commissioned by Harrogate Borough Council."

It continues that the lighting installation programme for the UCIs will be in two parts:

1. A lit sculpture is being installed in the Valley Gardens celebrating the many wells of unique quality and character. The artists are Eddie Roberts from Cult-Ore and James Bawn from Element 3 Design and steel from Harrogate Steel.

2. A series of lighting installations to be activated over the final weekend of the UCIs on September 27-28.