Dazzling launch of artist Tony Brummell-Smith's 42nd solo exhibition

Tony Brummell Smith has been, perhaps, Harrogate's most popular artist in the town for the best part of three decades.

Friday, 11th November 2016, 9:06 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:21 am
Harrogate artist Tony Brummell Smith in his Granby Road gallery.

Incredibly, his latest show, which opens to the public on Saturday, November 12 is his 42nd one man exhibition.

Fans are used to seeing the vibrant results of his regular foreign jaunts to hotter climes abroad- Florence, Cuba, the south of France and Venice, especially Venice.

And all that colour and warmth is there to enjoy in the 50-odd new paintings on display in his Granby Road home gallery where Tony also has his studios.

Night time moorings - A new painting in Venice by Tony Brummell Smith.

What they might not be used to seeing are a series of new works portraying the starker hues of nighttime.

Although only ten or so in number, these ‘Nocturne’ pieces create a wonderful contrast to the dazzling colours of the rest of the exhibition.

They also hang well on their own.

As in everything his accurate eye and steady hand - despite the various health scares - are applied to, the key to the memorable nature of his townscapes and landscapes isn’t so much the colour, it’s his command of light and reflection.

Night time moorings - A new painting in Venice by Tony Brummell Smith.

It might be thought that with such a weight of history behind him, Brummell Smith's approach may have grown stale or tired or, at least, that his paintings offered the eye nothing new.

But the effort each time to catch the light of some of the world's most gorgeous locations illuminates his work afresh.

And, on the evidence of his latest exhibition, Tony Brummell Smith could paint in black and white and still pull it off.