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Harrogate event - Top soul singer Louise Mehan of Soulution.

Harrogate to host major soul music event

As if more proof were needed that Harrogate has always had a strong rock, pop and soul (and more) culture running parallel to classical music, the town is now hosting an all-day soul event this Saturday in not one but three rooms in one of its largest venues.
A young Ken Scott, back left, in the studio with The Beatles at the peak of their 1960s greatness.

Harrogate village to host Beatles legend

A truly special night for music fans is taking place in Hampsthwaite near Harrogate shortly with a legend who’s been closer to The Beatles, David Bowie and Elton John at their peak than all but a tiny handful of people on the planet.
The poster for Sicario 2: Soldado.

Free drink for Harrogate cinema-goers!

In a piece of good news for cinema fans in Harrogate, there will be a free cocktail for eveyr customer at Everyman for a new series screenings - and brought to your seat, too!
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