A rapper from Harrogate - with stunning new video

Harrogate rapper Lence in his new video The Brink.
Harrogate rapper Lence in his new video The Brink.

Harrogate may not be entirely known for its Hip Hop scene but one of its few young rappers making waves says his impressive new video represents a “turning point.”

The enigmatic and thoughtful Lence, who began performing at the Blues Bar Jam Night as a teenager before performing in, and moving to, Leeds, said The Brink, shot mainly in the dead of night in urban Leeds, seemed a natural entrance into 2018.
He said: “The new track marks a turning point for me in terms of the passion and emotion I was able to put into it.
“I really want to connect with the listener on this track. I was looking at my past and how my present is very different now. I seemed to be on the brink.”
Known for his subtle breakbeats, breathless rapping packed with intelligent p oints on social issues and his own life free of cliched swearing and sexist claptrap, Lence first made an impact with his mixtape called Abstract Views in September 2013 and the album Set the Pace in 2016.
The sharp, sophisticated and visually atmospheric film for his new video The Brink was shot and edited by a talented friend, Imran Naushad.
Lence said: “We went to different parts of Leeds and took loads of footage. Once we’d finished, we sat down and went through it all. There was a lot of hours of intense editing before we got what you see now.”
Having recorded The Brink quickly between Christmas and New Year, the result is a major step forward for this ever-evolving artist.
Lence said: “I decided on calling it The Brink because it captured the message I was wanting to get across about where I am now.”
The video can be viewed at Lence’s Facebook page, facebook.com/LenceMusic/