Thai boxing club opens Hornbeam gym


After running Thai boxing training sessions in Harrogate for over 15 years, Kao Loi Thai Boxing Club has opened its own gym.

It is based on the ground floor in The Zone at Hornbeam Park, and owner Pierre Mahon plans to make his new base a centre of excellence for Muay Thai in the region.

“We are so happy to finally have our own gym!” said Pierre. “This is a great facility with all the equipment you need for learning Muay Thai.

“Our gym is open to everyone who wants to work out and learn. Next year we plan to expand and offer coaching courses for martial arts instructors wanting to increase their effectiveness.”

The gym has 175 square feet of floor space with a custom built cushioned floor and a boxing ring.

Mr Mahon said, “We realise this is a new business venture at a financially uncertain time, but we are so passionate about delivering an excellent service that we are sure this upgrade is the right move at the right time.”

Starbeck resident and double British Champion Kris Addis said: ”This is the best gym I have ever trained at.

“They have a terrific set up and I am constantly learning new stuff.

“As an athlete I need access to expertise as well as equipment, and this is all available at the new gym.”