Flower blossoms in final to claim Pateley Bridge contest

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Wayside’s Gordon Flower celebrated in style this week after winning the annual Pateley Bridge Tournament.

With many of the region’s top bowlers on display it proved a tough day.

Flower beat club mate Stephen Walker 21-14 in the quarterfinals, while Almscliffe’s Richard Briggs put a stop to Bilton Dragon’s Hazel Parker. Also impressive was Wayside’s Martin Meecham, who having beating two of the region’s best bowlers found himself facing a very determined Paul Worsnop who ran out a 21-12 winner.

Wayside’s Mark Reynolds found himself up against one of the competition favourites when he met clubmate Brian Walker. Reynolds had been in excellent form in his previous two games and powered through for a 21-16 win.

In the first semi-final it was nip and tuck between with Flower blossoming in the later end of the game to run out a well-deserved 21-17 final. Reynolds’ form had been good so far but in the semi, it was exquisite. He was remorseless end after end leading onto the jack with great accuracy. Briggs stuck in and fought all the way but was unable to stop the Reynolds juggernaut motoring to a 21-2 victory.

And so on to an all Wayside final as Flower faced Reynolds. The two had only previously met in another couple final only the week before with Flower just easing that one 21-20 so it was sure to be another great battle.

Flower drew first blood taking the first two ends but Reynolds was soon pulling points back.

Flower’s success in the tournament had been built on his staying power and strong finishes and he found the extra gear in the later end to clinch the title with a great 21-15 result.

Pateley Bowling Club chairman Bill O’Brien congratulated all bowlers on a great day, and members of Pateley Bridge club for running another excellent competition.

Back in the league, Black Swan continue to dominate Division One with a clear 14 point lead over nearest rivals.

Division One: Black Swan 2nd 7 (149) Bardsey Kestrels 3 (124); Starbeck 4 (148) Bilton Centurion 6 (152); Knaresborough Li 2 (137) Black Swan 8 (155); Bilton Spartans 9 (161) Dacre Eagles 1 (110); Bilton WMC 2 (141) Wayside Travellers 8 (147); Almscliffe Climbers 8 (158) Pateley Bridge2 (133)

Division Two: Boston Spa 3 (124) Almscliffe Ramblers 7 (146);Bardsey Osprey 8 (163) Collingham 2 (124);Low Harrogate B 5 (130) Knaresborough 5 (136);Wayside Wandererers 6 (153) Low Harrogate A 4 (135);Pateley Bridge 2 7 (149)Starbeck 2nd 3 (132); Dacre Falcons 4 (143) Wetherby Knights 6 (149).

Division Three: Bardsey Merlins 6 (150) Bilton Athenians 4 (130);Knaresborough Ba 7 (144) Black Swan 3rd 3 (135); Dacre Kites 4 (142) Starbeck 3rd 6 (151);Collingham 2nd 8 (158) Wayside Rangers 2 (102);Bilton WMC 2nd 7 (156) Wetherby Cavaliers 3 (116).

Division Four: Starbeck 4th 6 (147) Almscliffe Strag 4 (128); Wayside Ramblers 8 (158) Dacre Owls 2 (106);Black Swan 4th 5 (128) Knaresborough Fo 5 (133);Almscliffe Strollers 10 (168) Knaresborough Ho 0 (96);Pateley Bridge 3 7 (145) Low Harrogate C 3 (124).