Barbel and perch secure Lamb the Newstead Shield

Keith Lamb receives the Newstead Shield from Sue Newstead. (S)
Keith Lamb receives the Newstead Shield from Sue Newstead. (S)

RIPON Piscatorial Association held the Cyril Newstead Shield competition on Sunday.

Keith Lamb took the top prize, and received the trophy from Mrs Sue Newstead.

Fishing on the deep water section of the Ure, 27 anglers took part in what became a difficult day’s fishing due to rising water levels during the match.

Eight anglers weighed in, and RPA member Lamb took first place with 8lbs 11oz including one barbel of 7lbs 4oz, caught on legered lobworm and a perch caught on waggler maggot.

RPA’s Nathan Procter finished second with 6lbs 2oz of two chub and a dace on bread and maggot open end feeder.

Chris Pitman of RPA was third with 2lbs 7oz, including one perch on legered worm and a greyling on floated maggot.

RPA’S John Taylor’s 14oz perch of lobworm secured him fourth place.

Chris Foyles of RPA was fifth with 5oz of one dace on white maggot, while Steve Newns of KL Tackle was sixth with 2oz.

The Association would like to thank Mrs Sue Newstead for presenting the shield and to all who took part,

The club’s next match is an open on Sunday November 13.

Anyone wishing to take part needs to contact the match secretary on 01765 604099 between Monday and Friday from 7pm -9pm to book a place.

Tickets are priced £15 and all need a valid rod and line licence.