Amazing teenager racks up 2,713 tennis ball kick-ups

When 13-year-old Brandon Thompson spotted local sport stars taking up the Ackrill Sport online tennis ball challenge, he said ‘I can do better than that’.

He didn’t just do better, he set a target event the world’s best would struggle to match.

NADV 1309164AM3 Brandon Thompson.  Brendon Thompson with proud dad Leon.(1309164AM3)

NADV 1309164AM3 Brandon Thompson. Brendon Thompson with proud dad Leon.(1309164AM3)

Ackrill Sport launched an online search last month to find the sportstar who can do the most tennis ball kick ups.

When the Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS) Harrogate footballer Thompson gave it a go, he kept the ball up for a whopping 24 minutes.

The 13-year-old, who travels more than an hour to train with the Harrogate’s BSS squad from Wyke near Bradford, kicked the tennis ball 2713 times before it touched the ground.

In comparison, the current leader of the online competition is Harrogate Town’s Adam Bolder with 32.

NADV 1309164AM2 Brandon Thompson in action. (1309164AM2)

NADV 1309164AM2 Brandon Thompson in action. (1309164AM2)

Thompson said: “I knew I could take the lead and I didn’t want to beat it I wanted to smash it.

“I did over 1,000 kick ups a few times but wanted to get one big score in and then I got 2,713.”

BSS Harrogate head coach Stuart Owen said: “Like all our players Brandon has a great attitude and works so hard at his game.

“It comes as no surprise that he has achieved this remarkable feat.”

Thompson will exhibit his skills at the CNG Stadium on Saturday. He will perform alongside BSS teammates during the half time break Harrogate Town versus Brackley Town.

“I can’t wait until Saturday and have a go at my kick ups in front of a big crowd,” added Thompson.

Current KEEP IT UP! Leaderboard:

32 - Adam Bolder, Harrogate Town

29 - Colin Hunter, Harrogate Railway

28 - Liam Hardy, Harrogate Town

27 - Craig Nelthorpe, Harrogate Town

19 - Danny Matthews, Harrogate RUFC

The rules:

Each sportsmen tells the camera who they are.

They receive a tennis ball.

They have to keep the tennis ball in the air with use of their head, thighs, feet, and any other limb bar their hands.

Each player has three goes.

When the ball hits the floor for the third time, it’s curtains.

Their score goes onto the leaderboard.

The player with the most is the winner.

Fancy having a go? Email your videos to to see if you make the leaderboard.