Looking Back at Thorp Arch

This week the Wetherby News takes a look back a Thorp Arch. Pictures from the archive show All Saint’s church, the then new building for the British Lending Library (1972) and Thorp Arch Hall (1938).

Monday, 5th August 2019, 2:51 pm
Thorp Arch 16th June 1938 Thorp Arch Hall

Do you have any pictures to share of past-times in the Wetherby and Tadcaster areas?

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Boston Spa, 22nd November 1972 Mr. D. J. Urquhart, Director of the library, in the new building. Press view of new building for the National Lending Library for Science and Technology at Thorp Arch, Boston Spa.
Thorp Arch 23rd october 1968 All Saint's Church.