Letters: Mixed reaction on Harrogate cinema decision for Station Parade

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Readers have swayed on both sides of the argument for Harrogate’s new cinema complex.

A radical suggestion:

I almost laughed when I read the news that a new cinema and four additional restaurants are to be considered to replace Beales department store.

I am just curious as to how many cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops do the town’s planners and developers believe is enough.

It seems when business and the council want to develop there are no holds barred. The existing cinema is more than adequate, we are spoilt for choice with regard to restaurants and losing retail outlets at an alarming rate, indeed the additional four restaurants under construction next to the Royal Baths seems excessive to say the least in one town, let alone on one street. May I make a radical suggestion?

We don’t need another cinema or a Nando’s, Frankie & Benny’s or the like.

Demolish Beales and build a brand new council office block with underground parking, use the ground floor for small independent shops and the upper for all the necessary council offices which would be readily accessible to visitors and residents alike rather than hidden down some back street.

Yes, a building to be proud of. Redevelop the Springfield site for low cost housing, after all it’s in the middle of a residential area now, and then develop the existing council offices at Crescent Gardens into luxury apartments with strict control of the design, keeping the existing buildings great character.

David Bell

Coppice Drive,


Odeon cinema needs a wider variety of films:

I disagree that the Odeon provides a good enough range of films to suit all residents.

It is mainly the Odeon’s usual diet of blockbusters and on many occasions it is necessary to go to Leeds, Bradford or York or even Ripon, where there is a Curzon Cinema, showing a wider variety for serious discerning film fans than the Harrogate Odeon.

I hope, therefore, that the planners see the real benefit to Harrogate of a Curzon Cinema Complex and welcome them with open arms.

Barbara Penny

Valley Drive, Harrogate


This would keep people in town

Curzon are a good cinema chain. It would be great for Harrogate.

More people would watch films in the town instead of having to travel to Cityscreen in York to watch Indie films. It would  also provide much needed competition for the Odeon.

Maybe it would put a stop to the Odeon charging for online bookings and charging for using a debit card - yes, a debit card.  

John Williams


Beales department store is needed

Readers’ responses on this letters page are absolutely correct that Harrogate needs a department store to serve residents and attract visitors.

We have a perfectly adequate cinema in the Odeon. The town has insufficient parking to serve another one and already has an excess of restaurants.

Gillian Long

Knox Lane, Harrogate

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