Letter: Wrong place for proposed new housing estate

The proposed new housing estate would have an impact on the World Heritage Site of Fountains Abbey and Studley Park, both on the edge of the proposed development, says Derek Allenby

In response to last week’s Gazette front page on the revised plans submitted by Gladman Developments for permission to build up to 390 houses on green field land to the South West of West Lane, Ripon.

I have serious concern over the proposed building of any housing development on this green field site and most vehemently object to the proposed development.

I am a resident of Carr Close which would be seriously affected by the volume of traffic created by further development in the area. There is already congestion with parking on Whitcliffe Lane and Lead Lane and Carr Close is already being used as a rat-run between the two to access Harrogate Road.

My daughter would also be seriously affected as she lives on West Lane which is below road level and any development would mean housing overlooking West Lane from a far greater height with ground floor windows looking straight into bedrooms.

Services, schools, access would be unable to cope with the influx of traffic and people, not to mention the serious impact this would have on the World Heritage Site of Fountains Abbey and Studley Park both on the edge of the proposed development.

The West Lane development is also on a wildlife corridor between Quarry Moor SSI, the woodland trust area and the Hellwath nature reserve.

The vacating Army Camp has more than adequate area to accommodate more houses than Ripon needs and will become available by 2018.

It is well equipped with existing utility services and road access so it seems ludicrous to consider West Lane, a green field site for development when other sites are more suitable and more well equipped.

I most strongly object to this planning application being approved and trust Harrogate Borough Council will reject this opportunist threat which would seriously damage the surrounding area.

Derek Allenby

Carr Close, Ripon

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