Letter: Traffic lights

Temporary traffic lights. (1310018AM1)
Temporary traffic lights. (1310018AM1)

A love affair with traffic lights!

Ian Birchall questions the rationale behind spending unspecified thousands on moving the railway station pelican crossing by a few yards.

No less puzzling is North Yorkshire County Council’s long-term love affair with traffic lights in general. Could I suggest a vigorous culling of their endless, needless duplication, before they even think of axing yet more bus services? Examples are to be seen all round the town, including two in King’s Road. The Chatsworth Grove crossing has 18 lights to control two lanes and the two-lane approach to the Skipton Road T-junction has 15. Why? I don’t imagine that traffic light maintenance is cheap and given the need for serious cuts, there seems to be one very obvious target which would produce both significant savings and be aesthetically improving.

Malcolm Wright

Grove Road, Harrogate