Letter: Tour de France 2014 ‘not welcome’ in Harrogate

Tour de France
Tour de France
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Tour de France - High level of disruption

Let me send a plain message to Le Tour from the silent majority of Harrogate residents, “you are not welcome in this town in these numbers.”

This level of disruption is totally and utterly unacceptable. Harrogate will go into “Lockdown” (Nigel Avison, HIC)

There are be tens of thousands of residents who have no interest in this race and are having it forced onto their lives against their will, not just for a few hours but with weeks of turmoil before and after and four days of mayhem as its climax.

The quality of people’s lives, their rights and their personal liberty, have not, and never were a consideration in the planning of this event, a disgraceful dismissive attitude towards the ordinary population of the borough.

For the those residents of Harrogate and the surrounding areas that are still under the impression that they will have any kind of liberty while “Le Tour” is in town think again. With estimates of spectators 150,000 in the town it has now become obvious this in now an issue of “Public Safety” and personal liberty, and spectator numbers will have to be limited to a manageable 50,000”.

Harrogate is run for the benefit of the residents not for the business of the professional cycle racing industry to abuse at will.

The people of this borough come first, and allowing the commercial use of the Stray for no charge is bordering on criminal.

The appalling attitude by Le Tour and Welcome to Yorkshire must be challenged, our local councillors must now take control of this situation, and do the job that they have been elected to do. Sort this mess now.

P Michel

Petty Whin Close,