Letter: Sunday Parking - Fundamental flaws in report

Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

NYCC have published their report on additional parking charges for Harrogate. The home-made report is child-like in its content, logic and appeal and is fundamentally flawed. Within the 84,000 Harrogate population there is one man alone who thinks these parking charges are needed - Don Mackenzie.

I’ve not heard a single group, a single motorist or a single business owner speak up for these charges yet Mr Mackenzie ploughs on despite total opposition to them. So much for a democracy, and so much for his standard defence of “it’s not about revenue”, when it clearly is.

The samples used (in the survey) are of the incorrect time duration and there are no comparisons of weekly parking space turnover and Sunday turnover which is the crux of the debate.

However, it contains some colourful graphs so maybe Mr Mackenzie has been taken in by these - after all, the whole report is akin to something a primary school class has cobbled together before playtime with felt pens.

Harrogate has many empty shops and a new string of chain restaurants fighting for trade alongside our lovely independent restaurants - it therefore beggars belief that NYCC are trying to do this and Harrogate BC are rolling over and letting them do it.

Where is (Council Leader) Richard Cooper? Why isn’t he taking into account the depth of public feeling on this matter and saying no?

I am genuinely saddened by Mr Mackenzie’s one-man crusade to impose unnecessary and unwanted parking charges.

These charges will ruin Harrogate yet his political allies on both councils are letting him do it. Politics should have no part in decisions of this nature – councillors should do their best for our traders, our visitors and our town and this idea shows once more that both councils are asleep at the wheel.

Alan Huddart

Old Barber,