Letter: Speedwatch - Leave this to the professionals

Pannal supporters of Community Speed Watch pose for a photograph in Harrogate, though the the real team and location is not shown.

I could not disagree more with the decision of the well meaning but completely naïve residents of Pannal to form their own community speedwatch.

Of course this foolish idea has the support of North Yorkshire Police because it has allowed them to not just delegate but abdicate their responsibility for enforcing the traffic laws and thereby keeping the residents of Pannal and elsewhere safe.

Putting this in the hands of people who have absolutely no authority whatsoever and who are likely to encounter abuse or worse from inconsiderate motorists is foolish in the extreme.

Speeding through villages such as Pannal is an epidemic and epidemics should be dealt with by the professionals who have the means, the training and the authority to provide a remedy - should they choose to.

Clearly North Yorkshire Police would prefer to cruise the streets of Harrogate and beyond rather than getting out of their vehicles and dealing with this important issue.

When did you last see a police officer operating a handheld speed gun in Harrogate? Come to think of it, when did you last see a police office in Harrogate who was not driving a vehicle?

As for the commissioner being full square behind this proposal - of course she is, she has a budget to manage and this will make her job a tad easier.

Dr Chris Daley

Moorland View, Harrogate

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