Letter: Rural bus services are just not good enough

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I find the bus services in North Yorkshire have deteriorated.

With the York to Harrogate bus that runs via Marton cum Grafton - Boroughbridge - Ripon - Arkendale - Knaresborough and Harrogate, who is going to travel on this service as it takes over two hours? And Marton cum Grafton is just over two miles away from Arkendale but if you use public transport you go miles out your way. And it’s faster to travel to London from York by rail in less than two hours.

We know there have been cuts in transport in rural areas but some services you would never travel on and this is one of them.

And travel further in to Wensleydale, services have been cut back so much if you pick a bus up at Northallerton and want to travel to Hawes you have to change at Bedale and Leyburn.This is not good for tourism or anyone visiting family and friends.

Those living in rural areas have to suffer more than town and cities.

David Mortimer

Marton cum Grafton