Letter: Rail link - How to get people off the roads

Trains. (1401205AM1)
Trains. (1401205AM1)

A feasibility study to determine whether to lobby the Government to provide for a rail link between Harrogate and Ripon, may depend on how many people will use the railway daily.

My memory is clear, a similar project went ahead in Lancashire between Clitheroe and Blackburn, similar distance to Ripon and Harrogate. It made a loss of £1m in a year.

So I believe any future rail link between Ripon and Harrogate must be subsidised by all cars and passengers travelling by the notorious route of Harrogate then Ripon Road each charged a toll, policed by traffic wardens.

First thoughts - £5 per car and each passenger.

But if the rail trip ticket and return is more than a car, it should be charged the same amount at a toll booth as a rail ticket.

All proceeds pay to subsidise the Ripon-Harrogate rail link. Obviously all routes between Harrogate and Ripon will require toll booths.

The idea is to get people off the roads to use the train. Lorries and buses would continue to use the roads free.

Barry Walsh