Letter: New Prime Minister - This is no time for novices

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Some years ago Theresa May described the Tories as the nasty party. How right she was.

The idea that an obscure junior Tory politician such as Andrea Leadsom could convince herself that she was a candidate for Prime Minister is beyond parody.

First and foremost a future Prime Minister should ensure that their CV is not open to ridicule.

Secondly it is not usually advisable to suggest that women with children will make better decisions as Prime Minister than those without.

Harrogate did not vote to leave the EU. I am sure that most people here would like the new Prime Minister to assemble a very experienced and strong team to approach the difficult discussions with our friends in the EU.

As the man who kept us out of the Euro, Gordon Brown would recognise that this is no time for novices.

We shall need highly experienced diplomats, trade negotiators and civil servants working harmoniously with business leaders and elected politicians to deliver the best possible result for the country.

John White

Rossett Green Lane,