Letter: New Housing - Traffic control is essential

Claro Barracks.
Claro Barracks.

Since the proposed sale of Deverell and Claro Barracks was announced suggestions have been bandied about that the site could accommodate 1,000 houses plus various business and leisure sites.

That would mean about 1,500 vehicles on that site with access/egress via Kirby Road, College Road or a new road onto Galphay Lane, Pateley Bridge Road and onto Mallorie Park Drive.

Earlier a proposal was made that a roundabout should be built at the junction of Clotherholme Road and Studley Road and that traffic from Clotherholme should double back along Studley Road and then go onto a new road across the rugby club fields and onto Mallorie Park.

This supposedly would relieve the congestion on Park Street and Firby Lane.

This would not achieve anything at all other than make the queue on Mallorie Park Drive even longer.

The delay is caused by the traffic lights at the Somerset Row, High Skellgate, Low Skellgate, Water Skellgate junction.

Traffic control at this junction is essential and to suggest adding the traffic from a 1,000 home development to the existing chaos is nothing short of ridiculous.

David Parnaby