Letter: Housing development - Think about the traffic congestion

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Recently 30 residents of the area around West Lane did a traffic survey in response to the Gladman development application to build 430 houses next to West Lane.

We monitored traffic movements from 7am to 7pm for two days on the four junctions with the A61. The result was a staggering 6,663 traffic movements on one day alone, with a total of 12,910 for the two days, the majority being at the Whitcliffe Lane, Lead Lane and South Grange Road junctions with the A61.

The proposed Gladman development, together with the Persimmon plans for the cathedral site, mean that the total of 530 new houses could easily generate another 800 new vehicles, plus delivery and service vehicles, using these junctions and doubling or trebling the current traffic movements.

Just think about the implications for congestion and pollution, think about the safety of our children in Moorside school and those returning from other schools, of people trying to go about their local community.

And think about the congestion at the junctions with the A61 and on that road itself. If the A61 is congested now, we have not seen anything yet!

And for readers who think it will not affect them – try getting in and out of Ripon if these overblown developments go ahead.

We support the need for more housing, particularly social and affordable house for local people.

However, this should be within the context of a local strategy plan that takes account of: local housing needs, infrastructure, traffic and community.

What Gladman and co offers is to “bung” in as many houses as possible regardless of the consequences, taking the profit and departing.

It is Ripon residents who are left to deal with the aftermath.

Our website is: www.riponresidents-pg.co.uk. Facebook: Stop the Gladman Development in Ripon.

JM Jones

Ripon Residents

Planning Group