Letter: Highways - Doubts over new road surface

Ripon Market Place.
Ripon Market Place.

I see that resurfacing of the Ripon Market Place East Road has just commenced, which is expected to be closed for some eight weeks until completion.

I also note with great concern that it will, yet again, be surfaced with block paviours. This is the fourth time that this form of construction is being used for this heavily trafficked roadway – after failure of the previous three resurfacing works.

I first wrote to the Ripon Gazette in October 2013 to express my view that block paving was completely unsuitable for the heavily trafficked roadways around the Market Place and part of Kirkgate.

I suggested that a suitably designed and laid asphalt surface (which could be tinted for aesthetic reasons) would be better and less costly. I also quoted costs which I had obtained from NYCC at that time under the Freedom of Information Act.

In total these amounted to some £566,000 for all the three resurfacing works – which included a target cost of £155,000 for the third resurfacing underway at that time.

I have no information on the likely cost for the works just started but I expect it will be significant since the previously laid concrete bed is being removed and will, I understand, be replaced with a new steel reinforced concrete bed.

We shall have to wait and see if the new block paved surface will last but I’m very doubtful – and this section of roadway will then require resurfacing for a fifth time.

Peter Buckley

Penny Lane,