Letter: Fond farewell to Knaresborough’s Caffe Crema

Pot of tea at The Country Barn Coffee Shop, Widdrington.
Pot of tea at The Country Barn Coffee Shop, Widdrington.

A fond farewell to Rob and Ally

Occasionally, on our journey through life we have the good fortune to encounter people who, seemingly without any effort at all, have the capacity to make our day just that little bit brighter.

Such is the case with Rob and Ally of Caffé Crema on Castlegate in Knaresborough who, sadly, closed the door to their lovely little cafe at the end of January for personal reasons.

For several years now Caffé Crema has been a favourite meeting place for me and Mrs Ward early each Saturday morning (naturally we do meet at other times!) where we could catch up with a regular band of reprobates and enjoy good conversation, exceptional coffee and a mouth-watering and waist-enlarging range of hand-prepared treats.

We were welcomed to Caffé Crema by Ally and Rob as friends and looked forward to every Saturday morning as a perfect start to the weekend; sharing jokes, stories and banter with the Saturday Morning Gang.  

It is apparent that many people in Knaresborough had their regular Caffé Crema Time and will doubtless be as sad as we are that it is now closed.

We were privileged to share a farewell coffee and cake this Saturday morning with Rob and Ally and witnessing the succession of well-wishers from adjoining shops popping in with gifts and hugs was really very moving.

Henry Clay (19C American politician) once said; “Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.”

Rob and Ally were the most delightful and engaging of hosts and brought something special to this little corner of our town and to our Saturday mornings.

On behalf of the Saturday Morning Gang and all the other customers and fellow traders who will miss you as much as we do, we wish you both well.

Geoff Ward

Tentergate Lane, Knaresborough