Letter: Firmly behind new pool plan

Ripon Spa Baths
Ripon Spa Baths

It’s great news for Ripon that the prospect of a new swimming pool is once again on the agenda.

I think it’s important that everyone, who has a legitimate stake in the leisure facilities of this small city, should get firmly behind the proposal that’s on the table.

Where better to put a community facility than beside our leisure centre - this makes perfect sense.

It provides an opportunity for staff to broaden their horizons, keeps the facility central so that it’ll be within walking distance for many, and makes great use of a piece of land that belongs to the children of Ripon.

What better legacy can there be for the children than to provide them with a facility that helps them to stay fit and healthy, provides them with an opportunity to have fun with their friends and families, opens up another possibility to engage in competitive sport, and gives them access to lessons that can teach them vital life saving skills.

It’s not just a win-win situation, it’s an all round success just waiting for the green light.

The spa baths has served its purpose well but is now a tired and expensive relic in a poor location with long outdated and crumbling facilities.

But let’s not worry about the possibilities for its future as it inevitably drifts into retirement, and let’s not let its future become a barrier to us getting our new swimming pool at Camp Close, easily the best location for it.

I for one am firmly behind the pool plan.

Neil Gray

Edens Way, Ripon