Letter: Embrace all that comes with Tour de France 2014:

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I was infuriated to read the letter of P Michel last week, and would like to put across my own opinion (and that of all my acquaintances) regarding the Tour de France.

However, I acknowledge the right to all to have their own opinion.

Regardless of the nature of the event (in this case sporting) this is a unique opportunity for us to proudly show to literally millions of people, be they visitors or television viewers, our beautiful gem of a town.

P Michel claims to speak for the “silent majority of Harrogate residents”. I strongly disagree, and am offended that he/she feels qualified to speak on my behalf.

Why not just embrace all that comes with the event, and yes, maybe even have a tiny bit of patience to put up with the inevitable disruption for what is after all only a few days?

Maybe appreciate the new road surfaces rather than bemoan them and the delays that came with them?

Please, get behind our town and support it, and be thankful for having the good fortune to live here. Failing that, you could always move away... I defy you to find a nicer place to live.

Vive le Tour!

Paul Rock

North Park Road,