Letter: Driving standards

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Ignorance and arrogance

Over the last six months or so, I have become increasingly aware of the ignorance, arrogance and general disregard for the law of some drivers in Harrogate.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been waiting at traffic lights to see a car from the other direction coming through at red, and not just amber gambling but blatant red light jumping, secondly even since an increase in the fines for using mobile phones whilst driving, the use of them seems to have gone up in Harrogate, whether it’s drivers talking on them or having them on their laps and texting as they drive, obvious to spot - looking down and swerving around the road.

My other bug bear with drivers at the moment is the countless car drivers attempting to drop their children off as near to school as possible, as children are obviously unable to walk too far these days.

I notice this mainly near where I live. If you travel on St Winifreds Road to the junction with Oatlands Drive anywhere between 8.20am and 8.40am on a school day, you will notice children being dropped off for St Aidan’s. Now most will park in legal spots, but countless parents stop on the double yellow lines, right at the junction to drop off.

This not only makes the road busy, but stops cars turning onto St Winifreds off Oatlands Drive. It creates havoc on a morning, and just so that their children don’t have to walk an extra 50 metres or so to school.

I have spoken to St Aidan’s School about this, who said they had tried telling parents but it always falls on deaf ears. I indicated that I would be willing to speak to the police about it, which St Aidan’s agreed was a good idea.

I did then speak to the police who took my details and the details of my complaint and said they would look into it and I’d get a call, this was in September, and I’ve still not received a follow up. I do appreciate that in the scheme of things, the police have bigger fish to fry, but it will suddenly become important when a child is knocked down. There is no immediate fix for this, but it just needs all drivers to really think about their actions. Can your child not walk that extra 50 metres, could they actually walk to school from home? Is that phone call or text really so important you have to risk your life and others due to lack of concentration, and do you really gain so much more time off your journey by jumping through a red light?

Simon Williams